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Title: CSV125 Installed in the Well
Post by: Cary Austin on December 10, 2014, 11:06:57 AM
CSV12550-1 installed in the well below the pitless.  4.5 gallon size tank in rectangular valve box.  Pressure switch and gauge in 6" stub casing under PVC cap.  Shut off valve to house in little round valve box on the right. 
Up to 2HP, 25 GPM pumps

In areas where the frost line is not very deep, the pressure tank and switch can be installed in shallow valve boxes.  This makes for a complete water system installation without having any equipment installed inside the house or a building.  This set up also means you can tee in to the underground line between the well and the house.  You can tee to the garden, a barn, or even multiple houses anywhere you can get to the underground line.