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So we will keep the shutoff on the garden line but remove the shutoff on the main line.  The hydrant coming off the main line is OK because it is not a shutoff, correct?

Please see the diagram called CSV Setup.pdf that I attached to my original post.  From what you are saying, my setup is OK except for the shutoff (= ball valve) after the tee on the line to the hydrant, house and pressure tank and switch.  That shutoff should be removed.  The shutoff (ball valve) after the tee on the garden line is OK.  Is that all correct?

After talking with CSV and looking at the "PK1AM Pside-Kick: Typical Applications" webpage it seems I can separate the CSV1A from the pressure tank and have distribution after the CSV1A and before the pressure tank.  But I got confused when CSV said I cannot use shutoffs on distribution lines before the pressure tank unless the pump is turned off.

My setup would be: CSV1A on the well line just after it leaves the well, then the well line would Tee to a garden line with hose bibs, and to a line to a hydrant and then the house.  The house line would connect to the Tank Tee/manifold, pressure tank and switch in a mechanical room, like that shown for the PK1AM, and from there supply lines would go to the kitchen and bathroom.  Would this setup work?

But it seems deficient if I cannot have shutoffs on the garden and house lines before the pressure tank unless I turn off the pump.  In that case it seems I would skip the shutoffs and just rely on turning off the pump.  But that would mean I could not turn off the garden and house lines separately.

Attached is a drawing of my proposed setup.

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