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Reviews / Occam's razor - CyclesTopValves
« on: August 03, 2016, 06:51:23 AM »
Kudo's to Cary Austin and Staff.

I see Cary Austin is aware of Occam's razor, as he mentioned this great philosophy in a previous post (see No. 2 Pencil).

It is rare to find simple solutions to complex problems, and it seems to me that CSV's are a fantastic simple solution, and is the simpler solution (see Occam's razor), when compared to using multiple bladder tanks.

It took me awhile to figure out what CSV's do, after consuming this site, I finally got it. This site has the answer plastered everywhere, but it took me awhile to really get it, this is what cemented my understanding...

So I was thinking about this guy a year ago that came out to fix my private well that quit working. This guy, I'll call him Joe. I didn't treat Joe very well, because 99 times out of 100 you usually get people fixing things that really don't know what they are doing. I had convinced myself that my pump in my well was going bad. It was drilled in 1998 so the well pump is 17 years old. Something was causing the 20amp breaker to blow, it would run for awhile and blow the breaker. So I incorrectly figured the pump was failing, or had failed. I was ready (not happily) to spend 5 or 6 Grand on a Variable Speed Pump.

So I'm talking to Joe about getting a Variable Speed Pump cause the current pump was bad and 17 years old. Joe said, dude hang on, let me make some tests, I don't know if your 17 year old pump is bad just yet. I'm thinking to myself this guy, doesn't know anything, but I let him do his thing.

So Joe replaced the box with some large capacitors in it and said, let's try this for a few days and see if the current draw on your pump is greater than 12 amps. This solved my problem and I didn't have to replace the well pump yet. It's been over 1 year, and pump is still working...

In closing I now realize and remember that Joe was a hell of a lot smarter than I knew, because he was trying to tell me about CSV technology, I wasn't listening. Good Grief, I feel like such an idiot. He wanted to help me install CSV without replacing the pump, of course being the dumbshit at the time I wouldn't hear of it, I wanted Variable Speed Pump, as I bought into the hype. Luckily I never did anything.

About two years ago I installed an additional Bladder tank, based on the advice of the driller that drilled the well. He knows nothing of CSV. So now I'm feeling so smart because I have two tanks, and now my pump is not cycling as much....


Here's where I finally got it:

I'm outside today, filling my pool manually with my garden hose. I can hear my pump kicking on and off. On and Off. On and Off.

Oh my God! I'm wearing out my pump when I'm using a lot of water, the stupid bladder tanks are not helping that much, only delaying the cycles by 30 or 40 gallons. I had to pump at least 800 gallons to top my pool off that was 20 cycles in a short period of time.


I would like to purchase a constant pressure system from Cycle Stop Valves.

I purchased a 5 acre vacant property in Pahrump Nevada (Desert), and I am planning to drill a water well in the next 30 days.
The Electric company will be installing 400 Amp Single phase power service, three phase power is not available.

I have not purchased anything for the property except I have 125 (310 Watt Solar Panels), yes 125 panels.
I plan to purchase 125 more for a total of 250 panels (60KWh Solar), and a second 400 amp service in the future.

The property will have the following buildings and features built in the following order over the next 1-3 years:
1. Water Well, Electric Service, Septic Tank
2. 30kwh of Solar, 125 (310 Watt) panels. Ground Mount. Grid-Tied, on 1-1 Net Metering (Yeah Baby!) Electron Party!
3. 3500 Sq. ft. Garage/Shop/Man Cave
4. 40,000 Gallon Pool
5. 500,000+ Gallon Beach/Pond/Lake
6. 3500 Sq. ft. Main residence
7. 1500 Sq. ft. Guest Home
8. Bunch of Trees and 1 Acre of Garden

Since the water well is not yet drilled, now is a great time to select the components of the system.
The water well drillers in the area claim that I can easily get 20-50 gpm at 250 feet deep, or 100 gpm if I drill a deeper well to 350 feet.

Static water level ~70 feet.
6" Plastic Casing

I would like to drill the well to produce 100 gpm, but I will settle for 50 gpm if that's all single phase 220v power can get me.

Also, since I have a massive amount of solar power, energy efficiency is not a priority for pump selection. However, A good reliable pump / csv system is important to me.

Question 1:
Given that I have 110/220Volt single phase power, is it possible to get a submersible/centrifugal well pump that can pump 100gpm using 220volt single phase power at the well depths mentioned earlier? Note: Static water level is 70 feet.
If not, how much gpm can I get with single phase 220volt service with well depths mentioned earlier?
Please suggest pump Brands, I will study the Charts to find pumps that reduce amps when thinking like a deep well. Notice that the well could be quite deep, but static water level is at 70 feet.

Question 2:
Assuming I can get a 100gpm well, and a pump to output the 100gpm, I'm concerned that a system with this much capacity can not be throttled back easily using constant pressure system? I mean I'd just be taking a shower, and flushing a toilet here and there until I get more infrastructure built that will use the water system. I thought I read somewhere that you can only restrict flow to around 5gpm. If I'm just washing my car or something 3gpm with garden hose, this may be problem? Understand this is a short term problem because I plan to be moving a lot of water around. Because I have to pump 1-2 acre feet of water per year. So the well is semi-agriculture use. But not for a year or two. Maybe install smaller pump until I need the gpm?

Question 3:
What do I need for constant pressure system?



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