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Valve Tech / CSV dimensions
« on: June 23, 2019, 02:30:58 PM »
Are the lengths of all the CSV 125 both older ones and newer ones the same length ?  I believe they are.  I ask because I may swap out for a lower pressure CSV125 so that the current line goes to geothermal pump and dump  and adding different line to the house to use my current CSV125. Summary swap one CSV for another with Union already in place for my current CSV125.

Valve Tech / csv125-50-1
« on: June 12, 2019, 06:35:59 AM »
I have a 10sq07 3/4 HP pump. I installed the CSV125 50 psi model when I installed the pump last year.  It functioned as it should to keep the pressure at 50 psi.  Recently I noticed some air in the system. I found a small leak under the house where pipe went into a slab that probably settled and was draining out a french drain system.   I cut off flow to the house inside the house thus stopping the flow to the leak and the gauge showed dropping pressure and still cycled .  I then went to the outside cutoff near the well and shut it off and the pressure still dropped and well cycled. So I apparently had two leaks Probably the one under house for a while and just couldn't see it. There was also a leak somewhere from pump to to tank to cutoff where line goes to the house.

I thought that there may be a bad check valve in the pump or a leak in the PVC downpipe.  I could hear what sounded like water running back down the well when pump cycled off.  I wanted to replace the brittle PVC pipe that broke in two places when removing it last year but didn't have time to wait on delivery of Polyethylene downpipes so repaired the pvc and reinstalled .  So I ordered the polyethylene pipe and barb adapters, nipple and al check valve with Vitron seal all in stainless.

This past weekend I pulled the pump and put check valve at the pump and replaced the pump in well with the new poly down pipe. Even though I did not find a specific leak the downpipes was not totally full of water.  After replacing the pump back into well I ran the water to clear any possible debris and saw none. I then lowered the spool valve rest of the way and repowered the system and ran water a while in house and noticed even after clearing the air out the pressure was fluctuating.  I then went back outside and cut off water to house at the well and the system stayed pressurized from pump to house cutoff.  It also stayed pressurized from  pump to cutoff inside the house.  Of course there was still a small leak under the house.   

The problem is now the pump continuously cycles and there is only a 4 gallon tank and I have a watersource pump and dump.  .  I emptied tank and checked pressure it was 38 psi.  The pressure switch is set at 40 to 60.  The CSV125 is 5o psi though our gauge showed 48 psi before the replacement. 

So the CSV125 functioned normally then I put in check valve at pump and replaced downpipes and now it doesn't function none of the other piping was disturbed..  Once I think the valve started working because I started hearing water go through it. 

Does adding the check valve at pump cause a problem?    I haven't fixed the under house leak yet but the valve was functioning with that present.  The gauge also seems to drop further after pump starts and fluctuate a bit at first then builds up normally.  I had not noticed this before but I attributed it to the soft start of the SQ pump.

In retrospect I don't know for sure that check valve in pump was functional or not it looked ok.  I didn't see a leak in downpipe but I don't think it was full of water.  There was a loss in pressure in the well system and now there is not.  The leak under house is still present but it was also present when CSV was functioning. I also noted that there is somewhat of a check valve in the spool valve that might be functional but doesn't appear very reliable just a weak spring and rubber seal screwed on not in a pipe etc.

Could this be related to adding the check valve at the pump and if it is wouldn't the pressures just cycle a little then CSV start working?

Maybe air in CSV?   Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions / CSV-1 as a check valve
« on: May 23, 2019, 10:23:59 AM »
My question is does the CSV125-1 act as a check valve after the pressure tank has filled and there is no water demand?

Applications / hydropneumatic or air over water tank
« on: October 03, 2018, 06:46:14 PM »
Ia a CSV suitable to use with an air over water tank?  If so is it installed in same location etc as with a bladder tank system ?


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