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After talking with CSV and looking at the "PK1AM Pside-Kick: Typical Applications" webpage it seems I can separate the CSV1A from the pressure tank and have distribution after the CSV1A and before the pressure tank.  But I got confused when CSV said I cannot use shutoffs on distribution lines before the pressure tank unless the pump is turned off.

My setup would be: CSV1A on the well line just after it leaves the well, then the well line would Tee to a garden line with hose bibs, and to a line to a hydrant and then the house.  The house line would connect to the Tank Tee/manifold, pressure tank and switch in a mechanical room, like that shown for the PK1AM, and from there supply lines would go to the kitchen and bathroom.  Would this setup work?

But it seems deficient if I cannot have shutoffs on the garden and house lines before the pressure tank unless I turn off the pump.  In that case it seems I would skip the shutoffs and just rely on turning off the pump.  But that would mean I could not turn off the garden and house lines separately.

Attached is a drawing of my proposed setup.

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