Author Topic: Hawaii Farm, CSV "Flawless"  (Read 2071 times)

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Hawaii Farm, CSV "Flawless"
« on: September 23, 2014, 01:49:57 PM »
During 2013 I retrofitted a pressurized water system for a small farm (6.25 acres) in Hawaii and selected a Cycle Stop Valve to control the pump.  The old installation depended upon County water pressure from the highway below the farm, giving working pressure at the residences only slightly above 20 psi, insufficient for reliable performance of on-demand propane water heaters; and extensive field irrigation was impossible.  An 8000 gallon storage tank was present above the higher house, at the terminus of the water line from County main on the highway.  The new 40-60 psi system uses a submersible pump in this tank controlled by the CSV valve with a 125 gallon pressure tank sized to prevent pump over-cycling in a 24-hour period under maximum household and irrigation demand.  Cary Austin’s generous technical assistance was invaluable to me, a carpenter-handyman without any hydraulic engineering knowledge, for developing the design and specifications for the downhill pumping delivery system…which has been working flawlessly since the system’s completion in November 2013.  Cary’s support exemplifies the Hawaiian values of Aloha and kokua (freely helping one another).  I have no qualms in recommending Cycle Stop Valve’s products and technical assistance.

Kaleopono Norris
September 23, 2014