Author Topic: What's the best way to account for constant very low (.25 gph) drippers  (Read 1393 times)


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Hi,  I need to replace a water tank that has developed a small leak in the inlet.  From what i understand i can get one of your CSV kits cheaper, and with less long term maintenance costs than replacing my current 60g tank.

My only concern is I have 3 fish tanks that each take a constant drip of 1/4g an hour.  Since the CSV is only operative at flow rates over 1GPM, is this a  situation where i should be buying a larger holding tank?  I'm not against replacing my current tank with another 60g tank, and adding the CSV on top of that to extend the life of the system, i just want to be sure i'm getting the proper parts for my application.

Cary Austin

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You are correct.  Anytime there is a continuous or long demand for less than 1 GPM, a larger tank will help.  A 60 gallon tank only holds about 15 gallons of water.  But that would only cause about 4 cycles per hour when demanding less than 1 GPM.  Then the CSV will take over and eliminate cycling when you are using more than 1 GPM.