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need answers quick - about pressure
« on: June 03, 2019, 07:42:10 PM »
Two days from now my pump gets replaced. Before then I need some info on CSV. Is there only one manufacturer? I ask because my guy said they go down to 5gal/minute. But i'm reading they can go lower.  Here is the main question. I have big sprinklers to water an arena. I can watch the pump cycle.  i can only run one at a time to keep the reach i need.  My switch is cranked up a bit to 50-68. I want max pressure while i run each arena sprinkler. I want no cycling. To recap, I want the pressure to be the pressure the pump runs at. I can't end up putting in a CSV and then see my sprinklers don't reach anymore Or see that I'm still cycling. So, when my CSV is installed what will I be asking the tech to set it at? If I remember correctly the pump really really struggles to hit 75psi. It can get to 72. Thus i settled on 50-68.

Again, as an arena sprinkler runs, and this is not mega water just mega reach, I can see when the pump is on (max reach) and when I'm into pressure vessel bleed down. It seems CSV says I can see full pump pressure the complete time. But will it be full pressure? Or does CSV dictate it must be some point below full pressure? The cycle full on + bleed down, is 30 seconds or so. Bladder Vessel looks to be 50-60 gal.

Is CSV set by pressure? or by GPM?

My pump is 55gs30. My well is shallow, sprinklers are 200ft away. If I run two at time I don't have the reach.

my well pipe is on 1.25, per well man, and s/b 2". It's 2" out to the arena.

So is CSV the answer? Will I see same reach and even better it will be constant?  thanks

Cary Austin

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Re: need answers quick - about pressure
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2019, 07:12:26 AM »
When you run one sprinkler the pump is cycling between 50 and 68.  The CSV could hold it at a constant 60 or 65, which would give greater distance to the sprinkler compared to the 50/68 cycle.  That pump can build 112 PSI max.  So, if it struggles to get to 72, that means you are lifting from a depth of 93'.

I would use either the CSV125-3 in 60 PSI ($63.00), or the CSV3B2T ($647.50) that can be adjusted as needed.  There is a big difference in price, but they will both do about the same thing.  The CSV125 is not adjustable, and only comes as high as 60 PSI.  The CSV3B2T could be set at 65, but I don't think it is worth the difference in price.  The CSV125-3 works down to 3 GPM.  The CSV3B2T works down to 5 GPM.  This is because a 3HP needs at least 3 GPM to stay cool.

If your water level is pretty steady at 93', you might be able to adjust your pressure switch to keep the pump from cycling when only running one sprinkler.  Just run one sprinkler and turn the pressure switch up until the pump stays running.  But make sure when you shut off the sprinkler the pump doesn't struggle or take long to reach the shut off pressure.  If your water level varies this is hard to do and a CSV will be needed.