Author Topic: Is a liquid level control necessary?  (Read 208 times)


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Is a liquid level control necessary?
« on: October 04, 2019, 05:55:00 PM »
I upgraded my well system to a CSV after reading on this site. It has been working well for the past two years and so far no problems with it.

Recently I was wanting to put some freeze protection in the well head by installing a GFI receptacle and a temperature controlled heater strip. Inspecting the electrical, there are 6 wires going down to the well pump. Turns out it is a four wire pump connected to a solid state switch control and the other two wires are connected to a Liquid Level Control Relay which has two electrodes down in the well shaft, an upper and a lower.

I was wondering if I can safely do away with the Liquid Level Control Relay if I replace it with Cycle Sensor cs1ph1-2hp? That would allow me to use the two sensor wires for my receptacle.

Makes sense to me but I would like to confirm. Has anyone else done similar?
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Re: Is a liquid level control necessary?
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2019, 06:00:07 PM »
Yes you can.  Probes down the well are kind of an old way of protecting a pump from running dry.  The Cycle Sensor is a much easier way to do that, and then you can use those two extra wires for anything you want.