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Valve Tech / Re: Adjusting the CSV1A at installation.
« on: December 12, 2020, 07:51:17 AM »
Now our replacement is complete.
On Thursday we had the well pump replaced with a Gould and the check valve is holding solid. The CSV is operating at about 43 psi and we have no leaks. Found out the level of our 200 foot well is at 113 feet .... so we have a much smaller reserve ( 130 gallons ) than we thought we had. The water level used to be at 30 feet but that was 40 years ago.
We let the system rest for a full day to get the mud and other crap to settle in the well and now we will live with "silty" water for awhile. Just have to remember to wet vac the dirt, rusty crap & silt out of the toilet tank in a few days.

I've taken a gallon water jug and measured the GPM with the cold side opened approx. to where is normal for a shower. The result was about 2 GPM ........ the shower head has no restriction or water saver feature on it.

Would reducing the "hold" setting on the CSV be of any value to get the valve to function ? The relation between the GPM & the PSI is what is a little confusing.

Could you provide any guidance on the appropriate pump size ?

I would really appreciate your opinion.
If I run the cold water at our sink and tub ( full open ) at the same time the valve will hold at about 43 psi. Normal usage for us is just the outlet at the shower being used while the wife or I take a shower and then the valve does not effect the pump cycle ..... it functions as if the valve were not there at all. ( I'm guessing not enough flow ... The cold side is probably only open less than half way to balance the mix with hot water ) 
Our well is 215 feet with 1 gpm with level 30 ft. from surface  per p/w provided in 1992 when the pump was installed. I calculate we are using an approx. 200 gal. reserve in the well pipe.
The current pump is a 3/4 Myers motor and I don't know the GPM of the pump.
I am having the 28 year old pump replaced in the near future primarily because of a suspected leaking check valve. ( well cycles once per hour approx )  We have a mobile home with 5 outlets i.e. Kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, shower and outdoor spigot.
Questions are : What size and GPM pump would you recommend as a replacement ? ( The well company uses / sells Franklin pumps which show 7 or 10 GPM pumps available on the lower limits ).  Is it possible to increase the "flow" to the shower outlet ( 1/2" polybutylene piping )  to enable the CSV to function ? Is it possible to adjust the CSV so it would hold at a lower pressure such as 35 psi with the low flow rate ?  ( or are we in a "it is what it is " situation and the CSV was a wasted effort )

Valve Tech / Re: Adjusting the CSV1A at installation.
« on: November 28, 2020, 02:30:35 PM »
So ............ I think I can call the replacement scenario a success. No leaks and the CSV seems to hold the flow at 43 psi.
Two interesting details ....... the old water heater had a leaky 3/4 inlet nipple at it's base and the bottom of the tank was rusted through in a couple places. When I removed the fiberglass tank I noted there was water inside sloshing around .... so the bladder definitely had a leak. 14 years was a good amount of time and we got our money's worth ....... Very happy that our water system is "refreshed".
Now I just have to plan on a pump replacement because the check valve at the pump is loosing pressure and the system cycles about every hour.

Valve Tech / Re: Adjusting the CSV1A at installation.
« on: November 19, 2020, 04:48:22 PM »
Thank you Sir.

Valve Tech / Re: Adjusting the CSV1A at installation.
« on: November 19, 2020, 12:51:34 PM »
So after all is installed ...... I do not mess with the CSV until after I get the system up.
Then .... Turn the faucets on at the shower and then slowly modify the setting on the CSV until the gauge on the pressure tank shows my target of 45 PSI steady ? 

Valve Tech / Adjusting the CSV1A at installation.
« on: November 19, 2020, 09:45:20 AM »
Mr. Austin ... Now I'm pondering the installation steps when my CSV1A arrives. When I replace my current set up I'm sure I'll be doing some head scratching ... as usual.

Today's questions stuck in my head = Is the CSV1A preset at 50 psi ? Does one turn of the adjustment equate to 5 psi ?
My pressure switch will be a 30/50 and my usage target will be 45 psi ............ so on arrival would an adjustment of one ccw turn get me in the ballpark ?

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