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Building a home in a remote area which will be solar, and rain water collection.

Many of the homes in the area have cisterns which are piped from underneath then come up to the pump, then pressure tank, then to the house. No one has heard of CSV so we will be the first to try it. Our cistern will hold about 19k gallons. The Cistern is the first floor, the second floor is bedrooms with 2 baths, third floor is living area, kitchen and a bath. Each floor is 9 feet. Total height of the home is 38 feet to the top of the roof.

Fear of a leak made me decide to build the cistern as one piece, with access from above, there are two 2" pipes to feed the pump. The other problem is there is a divider wall in the cistern with a leveling window at 7 feet. Both sides will be feed by rain collection. The drawback is making sure my pump can bring the water up and over the cistern to fill the pressure tank and then the house while not killing my solar system or pump. That is why I am interested in the CSV. Most of the homes use Jet pumps.

What are my best options: Jet pump vs Submersible (Hallmark)? Now for the twist, I have to be able to pump out of both tanks, a Jet pump could do that, but I would need two Hallmarks, and thus would I need two CSVs? I'm visual so illustrations or pictures work best.

Attached is the top of the cistern with the two 2" pipes, the divider wall is between them.

Thanks, Brad

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