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Valve Tech / Sabbatical now required from the CSV adventure.
« on: April 27, 2021, 12:44:49 PM »
My luck is not shining through.
With the new second CSV and stainless steel barbed fittings the leakage is more pronounced now than with the first edition.
And I was very cautious in trying to do everything correctly. Initially I studied the the valve and fittings and had issues getting the currently leaking side to start. I took a closer look and the threads were deformed as the picture shows. I took a razor knife and carefully shaved the threads at the specific location so the 1 1/4 stainless threaded properly.
This well is into my workshop so I have no urgency until the wife's flowers start to grow. I think it best to leave it alone for a week or so ... because Bob really does have a temper from time to time.

Incidentally .. when I called your facility the young lady that answered the phone was truly a joy to have a conversation with .... a remarkably pleasant personality over the phone that was immediately appreciated ...............  with the best "Texas" accent I've ever experienced.

A true asset.


Valve Tech / Guidance on a CSV125-1 installation
« on: April 13, 2021, 12:54:59 PM »
Hello once again.
I received the 125-1 today and it is functioning as it should.
I do however have leaks i.e. drips at both ends ... the exit end being worse. I have taken it apart and reassembled three times without success getting the drips to stop. I've used the standard white teflon and tried the .0035 gray as well.
I am using 1-1/4 pvc x 1" barbed fittings and now wonder if the "plastic to plastic" may be part of my problem.

Are the brass or stainless a better option to get a seal ?

The red collar on the valve was very loose on receipt so I hand tighten that .... I do not think that's the source of my leaks.

I would really appreciate your opinion.
If I run the cold water at our sink and tub ( full open ) at the same time the valve will hold at about 43 psi. Normal usage for us is just the outlet at the shower being used while the wife or I take a shower and then the valve does not effect the pump cycle ..... it functions as if the valve were not there at all. ( I'm guessing not enough flow ... The cold side is probably only open less than half way to balance the mix with hot water ) 
Our well is 215 feet with 1 gpm with level 30 ft. from surface  per p/w provided in 1992 when the pump was installed. I calculate we are using an approx. 200 gal. reserve in the well pipe.
The current pump is a 3/4 Myers motor and I don't know the GPM of the pump.
I am having the 28 year old pump replaced in the near future primarily because of a suspected leaking check valve. ( well cycles once per hour approx )  We have a mobile home with 5 outlets i.e. Kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, shower and outdoor spigot.
Questions are : What size and GPM pump would you recommend as a replacement ? ( The well company uses / sells Franklin pumps which show 7 or 10 GPM pumps available on the lower limits ).  Is it possible to increase the "flow" to the shower outlet ( 1/2" polybutylene piping )  to enable the CSV to function ? Is it possible to adjust the CSV so it would hold at a lower pressure such as 35 psi with the low flow rate ?  ( or are we in a "it is what it is " situation and the CSV was a wasted effort )

Valve Tech / Adjusting the CSV1A at installation.
« on: November 19, 2020, 09:45:20 AM »
Mr. Austin ... Now I'm pondering the installation steps when my CSV1A arrives. When I replace my current set up I'm sure I'll be doing some head scratching ... as usual.

Today's questions stuck in my head = Is the CSV1A preset at 50 psi ? Does one turn of the adjustment equate to 5 psi ?
My pressure switch will be a 30/50 and my usage target will be 45 psi ............ so on arrival would an adjustment of one ccw turn get me in the ballpark ?

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