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Applications / Pumping from a storage tank
« on: January 13, 2021, 03:11:20 PM »
I have a solar powered well that pumps into a 2100 gallon storage tank.  The well pump is rated at 6gpm.  The tank is 100" tall.

I'm looking to do 2 things

  • provide domestic water to a 4BR home and yard irrigation for 1/2 ac
  • distribute water to livestock on 50 ac

is the CSV a feasible solution?

my initial thought is storage tank piped to small pressure tank equipped with CSV. 

Can the CSV throttle/meter the gravity-fed water supply from the storage tank to provide 50-60 psi at the house?

Can I branch from my trunk to the house and run 700' of 1" poly (under pressure) to fill another 1200 gallon tank on the other side of my property that will, in turn, gravity fill livestock water troughs?

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