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I have a low flow well, pump at about 350 feet. single phase 3 wire 1 H.P. motor. This pumps into a 1000 gal cistern, with another 1/2 H.P. pressure pump suppling water pressure. This last summer, the Pumptek module quit working on the well pump controller, i replaced it.
 Then recently, I believe i had another Pumptek module failure, as the well pump/motor would not start until i removed the Pumptek module.  It may have been damaged during a power outage in the area.  I've been running the well motor/pump manually.  What i've found, is I start the well pump and it draws right around 10.5 amps, i run it for around 13 minutes, it slowly drops to 10.25 or a bit less amps and i shut it off.  That adds approximately 1/4 level of the cistern, in height, so im guessing over 100 gallons of water.  I leave the pump off for a day or two, then repeat the process.  I tried shorter cycling up to two times in a day, with best results as stated previously.  I'm wondering if i could us Cycle Sensor in place of the Pumptek module.  Like set the Cycle Sensor to shut off at 10.25 amps, stay off for 48 hour, then come back on.

Thoughts, suggestions, question?


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