Author Topic: What are the Benefits of a Cycle Stop Valve?  (Read 14252 times)

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What are the Benefits of a Cycle Stop Valve?
« on: January 05, 2014, 06:07:47 PM »
*     Eliminates Pump Cycling
                Extends life of pump, motor, and entire pump system

*    Reduces Size of Pressure Tank Required
              Works with any size pressure tank, but only requires a small tank

*    Delivers Constant Pressure
             Varies flow from standard constant speed pumps to simulate Constant
                  Pressure from Variable Speed Pumps (VFD) without electronics or all the   
                  Complications and expense of varying the pump/motor speed

*     Eliminates Water Hammer
                  Mechanical Soft Start and Soft Stop eliminates water hammer from pump
                  Start or Pump Stop

*     Reduces Sediment or Debris in Water
              Drawing a steady amount of flow from a well decreases amount of debris
                   Being pumped compared to surging the well when pumps cycle on/off

*     Cost Less
               Smaller pressure tank cost less, requires less space and heat, while
                    CSV makes the entire pump system last longer.  Saves You $$$$$
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