Author Topic: Any plans for a cheaper 2inch CSV version of plastic?  (Read 3051 times)


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Any plans for a cheaper 2inch CSV version of plastic?
« on: November 23, 2013, 10:29:10 AM »
I have a large yard (>3 acres) with 75% grass bordering a lake (and is used for watering)

I have installed the beginning of an irrigation system, a 3HP pump with a 2 inch discharge. 

My first two irrigation zones are running about 55GPM.  I see the 1.25 CSV but I really would rather not choke down the 2" to 11/4".  Reason why is because in a balanced system where the pressure is basically equal on both sides, the water velocity within the valve would have to increase to keep up... and I'm thinking that would produce a lot more wear on the valve body itself right?

So the main question is, is there plans for a 2 inch version of the plastic CSV, mainly targetted for residential "large area" minus the additional feature of adjustable pressure points?

EDIT: Just realized I had posted a similar question in the Irrigation topic a while ago... :)
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