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City Like Pressure
« on: September 20, 2014, 12:09:25 PM »
Dear Cary,

 I have lived in a house with street pressure water for 21 years than moved to my present house on well water I could always tell where and when the pressure switch closed when I ran the water.

 But now I would have to say with the CSV installed it runs as close to street like water pressure coming off a well as anyone could possibly want!!! You only feel the pressure drop once and than it is just a constant pressure with a steady flow. My family loves the new pressure system because you can run two showers and still flush the john with no chilling, burning or major pressure loss issues.

 I'm sure it has to be set up right with water availability, pump max pressure, pump continuous pressure, proper CSV psi, water storage tank size and water usage in a fine balancing act to achieve the same effect as I have, but if I can achieve it anyone can with alittle help.

 I got great help here, the supply house and from CSV themselves and maybe a little luck tossed in for good measure.