Author Topic: Happy Camper even though Driller went Negative  (Read 9509 times)

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Happy Camper even though Driller went Negative
« on: January 11, 2019, 08:20:47 AM »
I have a new home with a new irrigations system. The Irrigation system has 13 zone with 6 heads on each zone at a total of 18 gpm. I have a close friend that is in the irrigation business that told me that when I had a well drilled to have them install a Cycle Stop Valve.

When I contracted with a well driller for a new well and I asked him about the Cycle Stop Valve he immediately went negative. So I just dropped it. We drilled to 410' and installed a 3hp pump putting out about 30gpm.

After the well was installed and the irrigation system was on, the pump
would cycle on and off about every 4 or 5 minutes. This would go on for 4½ hours every morning. Common sense told me this was going to cause premature failure of the submersible pump.

So against my drillers advise, I installed the CSV125-3. Now the pump comes on at 40psi, pumps up to 50psi and stays there the entire time that the irrigation system is running. Once the irrigation system turns off, the pressure goes to 60psi and the pump shuts off.

*Everything works just like your website said it would. *

*I am a very happy camper.*


Warren Ducote

Montgomery, Texas