Author Topic: Open water source (Pond) for home use  (Read 1116 times)


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Open water source (Pond) for home use
« on: December 22, 2021, 08:58:59 PM »
Good evening, I am (hopefully) in the home stretch of using our pond as a water source. The problem I am facing now is the constant on-off of the pump (DAB e.sybox mini 3) and not being able to provide enough gpm to our water treatment filter. I do not have a pressure tank, and thought I might be able to utilize one or CSV to keep the pump from screaming trying to keep up. GPM from the pond at point of entry is unknown, it was next to impossible to measure at the time. Any and all information is greatly appreciated! Attached is a rough sketch of what I have going on inside the house. More info is better than not enough in my opinion![/img]

Cary Austin

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Re: Open water source (Pond) for home use
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2021, 08:54:06 AM »
I am sorry you got stuck with one of those VFD Tar Babies.  Making the pump scream and cycling on/off are just the first problems you will have with a variable speed type pump.  I am sure that is a three phase motor, so you have no choice but to continues to use the VFD controller, as that is the only way a three phase motor will work from your standard single phase house power.  They is how they lock you into replacing the expensive VFD controller several times, which is why I call it a Tar Baby.

Get a good jet pump and control it with a PK1A kit and there will be no screaming or cycling and you will have strong constant pressure to the taps.  This type system should last 30-40 years compared to 3-5 years for the VFD type pump.  This is why you won't find any pump company promoting Cycle Stop Valves.  The CSV is good for you but not if you make your living selling pumps.