Author Topic: Where to install the CSV given a well with significant sediment  (Read 1695 times)


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Our home has a well in a sandy aquifer with quite a lot of sediment and some excess manganese.  Downstream of the pump and pressure tank, we have a settling column, a three-stage "big blue" type filtration system, and a Culligan greensand filter.  Our pressure switch is set at about 40-60 psi, and we have plenty of water pressure post-filters for showers, washing, and other household usage.  Your installation instructions for the CSV125 Pump Control Valve direct me to install the CSV before the pressure tank.  That would mean that all the sediment goes through the CSV before it hits the filtration system.  Could I instead place the CSV after the pressure tank and sediment filter, or even after the Culligan manganese treatment filter unit?

Apologies if this question is answered elsewhere in this sizable forum!

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Re: Where to install the CSV given a well with significant sediment
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The CSV has to be installed before the pressure switch/pressure tank.  The CSV1A will handle quite a bit of stuff, and can easily be cleaned out if it is needed.  Sometimes you can put the filters before the CSV/pressure tank/pressure switch, but we have to make sure how much pressure your pump can build and check the pressure rating of the filters.