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From Jim Nickel, Dayton, Maryland
« on: September 20, 2014, 11:43:42 AM »

I was having an issue with my well pump and had to call in some well service. I expected it to be a dead pump and the initial checks seemed to indicate it was. The well service suggested I consider putting in a variable speed pump. At a cost of $3400 instead of $1200 to replace the pump. He quickly went through the advantages, prominently the constant pressure and said I'd have 1/2 hour to decide. Which was long enough for me to google the variable speed pump, manufacturer and reviews. My first impression on some threads was variable speed pumps and their control panels have reliability problems. .... one post innocuously said look into a CSV, you'll be pleased. I didn't know what a CSV was.

 As it turns out it was not the pump, but a broken wire down a couple hundred feet. I was spared the decision for the moment but mentioned the reliability issue and he acknowledged he had needed to replace several before the warranty was expired. What he didn't notice was his assistant looking at him with a big smile on his face right after I said there were reliability problems.

 But the broken wire gave me the opportunity to figure out what a CSV was ... the well service didn't know.

 Eventually, I figured out it was Cycle Stop Valve and made it to your web site. Surely the claims were a bit inflated. But it was worth studying up. I called your company and a couple of times and always got a quick answer to a few questions. I figured if the CSV was half as good as you claimed, it was worth the cost.

 The installation was straight forward. I decided to target a pressure of 60 psi for the CSV1Z. Adjusted the pressure tank [48 psi] and cut on/cut off switch appropriately [50/70 psi]. And the change was unbelievable. Once the psi got up to 60 psi, it was rock solid 60 psi no matter what I did to water demand. But psi is just a number. Let me tell you what it means.

 It means my wife no longer yells when someone turns on a faucet while she's taking a shower. She can't tell someone turned on a faucet. I'm getting more pressure at the shower head than I thought was possible. It means my irrigation system works far better than it ever did; producing a constant stream of water that allows me to reduce the watering time considerably. My pressure washer works better. With a consistent supply of water I don't get the fluctuations at the pressure washer I was getting as my well pump was cycling on and off. That's what's important, it's performance. And what I experienced was better than what I thought you were claiming.

 What did it cost me. About $150. I went from potentially staring at a bill of $3,400 to $150. Sure. One of these days I'll have to replace that pump. But it's not going to cost me $3,400 for a system and a continuing source of work for the well service. I couldn't be happier. My wife couldn't be happier. And as I mentioned to you on the phone. "If I wasn't retired, I'd be out selling these things." You have made one great product.

 Dayton, Maryland