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Applications / Will this valve help my well
« on: November 12, 2019, 12:46:07 PM »
I think I understand the purpose of a CSV and I have read somewhere that My well might benefit from the use of one. I have a 25 year old well that over the years has filled in quite a bit. When I noticed the problem it had filled in and the pump was 4' under the sand. How it kept going I don't know but one day it overheated and blew the breaker. I pulled it out and cleaned it out and just for grins tried it to see if it was completely fried. I applied power and it ran so I dropped it back in but raise it up another 15' from where it was. I didn't figure it would last to long so I bought a new pump to have on hand when it finally gave up. That was 6 years ago and it's still going.

The well supplies all the water we need and more for normal household use but I have to limit the run time if I want to maintain my Koi pond or water the lawn. I had it pretty much figured out that I could run the water for 20 minutes and have no problem with the supply stopping up my filters. After about 45 min it would start to turn my pond water white and I would have to change my filters several times before it would clear up.

I have a sand filter installed but the screen must not be fine enough for this very fine clay like sand. I was told by someone that if I could restrict the flow from the pump that it would slow down the amount of water required to replenish the well thus slowing down the amount sand entering the well. I still have 20+ feet of water over the pump. The well is encased in 4' diameter concrete well casing that is 72' deep.

I don't have a problem with cleaning out some of the silt and probably will at some time. Actually I was waiting for this pump to finally give up before I did it but the old girl just keep on going. I am just wondering if one of these valves would help until she finally does go boom.

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