Author Topic: Are CSV valves suitable for Swimming Pool or Spa uses with chlorinated water?  (Read 6699 times)


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I am new to this site and topic and like the idea of limiting water hammer effects, particularly if the pumps are 1-1/2 storeys or more below pool water level.

Are the devices NSF approved yet or under other authorities?

Most pools still use chlorinated fresh water at 5-8 ppm Chlorine, is chlorine an issue?

I am thinking of installing it on the pressure side of the centrifugal pump, after the rapid sand filter, but before the in-line Chlorinator. Any suggestions or alternatives?



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It is unusual to have a pump 1 ½ stories below the pool.  I can see where a CSV could solve many problems.  I assume you are talking about water hammer on pump start?  The CSV can only help with water hammer on pump start if the lines are full of water.

The CSV3B is NSF approved.  However, when used with for a pool with high chlorine content, we like to use all plastic tubing to the pilot.  This does no change the cost.  It just needs to be ordered that way.

Did you see this link about pool pumps?
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