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Thanks from an Engineer
« on: June 17, 2015, 10:59:30 AM »

I had researched your cycle stop valves a year or two ago.  I had put it on the "to do" list but had not made it to the top.  My pump died recently so it then made it to the top quite quickly in combination with my pump replacement.  As a mech engineer I see life through a series of problems and varying solutions.  Some solutions are good and some not as good.  I applaud your solution; it is a good one!  Got it installed and seems like it is working great.  Now I just need to find someone that will share in my appreciation...  By the glazed look in my wife's and children's eyes when I showed it to them as it was working, I don't think they fully appreciated it.

Thanks for the invention.  Hopefully I will never have to pull lengths of pipe up out of deep hole again.