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New install pressure drop issue
« on: April 18, 2022, 07:17:56 PM »
I have had my CSV1A for quite some time and just got around to installing it.  I also installed new sediment filters, fleck 2510 backwashing katalox filter and fleck 2510 softener.

Everything has been up and running for about a week and all seemed well (no pun intended) until I noticed issues with backwashing the katalox filter.  After some advice from a plumbing forum, I installed 2 additional pressure gages.

Here is the issue.

Pump kicks on and 40/60 switch cuts pump off at 55 (according to gage on CSV) and holds 55 until water is called for. CSV is in crawl.

First gage inside house is about 30ft from CSV and installed prior to any equipment. This gage reads 50 and holds until water called for.  Second gage is after sediment filters and prior to katalox tank, it reads the same (50)

When water is called for from sink, shower etc... pressure on both in house gages slowly drop to 40 and maintain 40 until water is shut off.

When I set the katalox to backwash, the first gage drops to 25 and the second gage drops to 10. Thus maintains through the 10 minute cycle.

I then bypassed all sediment filters. First gage 25 second gage 15.  I then took the restrictor out of the DLFC with same results.

I will add that this is a new well and pump as of 5/2021.  Well produces 15-16gpm and I have seen the pump hit 90psi.

Is there something in the backwash cycle that the CSV doesn't like?

Do I need to adjust the CSV or maybe get a higher pressure switch?

Any help would be appreciated

Cary Austin

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Re: New install pressure drop issue
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2022, 08:04:28 AM »
The inlet or first pressure gauge is showing you how much pump you have left.  When it drops to 25 PSI that is because the backwash is using all the water the pump can produce.  Except for the 10 PSI loss through the CSV it is wide open and just working like a piece of pipe at that point.  Sounds like your backwash is using more than your pump can produce.  Is there a way to reduce the backwash amount?