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Sizing CSV for well
« on: August 20, 2023, 11:57:49 PM »

Been reading a bunch of posts here, think I have it somewhat figured but looking for some guidance. Looking to get a more ‘constant’ pressure from my well. Current setup is a 40~ gallon pressure tank, Franklin 1/2hp 5gpm submersible. 30/50 psi pressure switch. All located in the basement of the house. Going to be trenching over to a barn in the next couple weeks from the well, teeing into the existing line/hydrant. Well is 105’ deep, pump landed at 85’, static water level 17’. Pitiless adapter at 10’. Flow tested the well at 5 gpm. Looking at the csv12550, would you recommend leaving pressure switch at 30/50 or going to a 40/60?  Or would a csv12560 be better with a 40/60 pressure switch. Looking for 40-50 psi for showering etc. Thanks in advance!

Cary Austin

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Re: Sizing CSV for well
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2023, 12:07:10 PM »
With only a 5 GPM pump your pressure problem could be from a lack of flow instead of pressure.  A 10 GPM, 1/2HP would be a much better fit for such a shallow well.  A 3/4HP, 10 GPM would be even better.

But you can get what you can get with the 5 GPM pump.  That pump lifting from 17' can make 155 PSI, which is 5 PSI higher than we recommend for the CSV125.  We have some fudge factor figured in, so it will work.  But the higher the pressure setting the better.  You can use a 50 PSI in the CSV125-1 with a 40/60 switch.  But you have plenty of pump pressure to turn up the switch to 50/70 and use a 60 PSI CSV125-1.  If the 5 GPM volume is not your problem, the 60 PSI pressure would be such strong shower pressure than soap would no longer be needed.  Lol!