Author Topic: 4 CU301 controllers in 3 years now CSV  (Read 4862 times)

Cary Austin

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4 CU301 controllers in 3 years now CSV
« on: September 21, 2014, 11:33:07 AM »
Hi Cary. 

Long time!!  I got complacent with my setup (CU301) after the last time it was replaced and put a CSV on my “to do” list, right after garden chores, cutting grass, fixing the snow blower, planning a shed, kid birthdays….you get the idea.  Well, it bit me in the ass again this morning.  That’s 4 controllers in three and a half years.  Called the well guy and he told me that he actually had to eat the cost of the last one he replaced for me.  He couldn’t make it out to my house today so I said screw it, I’m a smart guy, I’ll figger this g’damned thing out for myself.

One pressure switch, a few pieces of brass, a mile of Teflon tape and some electrical work later I’m back in business.  I tried to install a pump controller box as well.  Tripped the breaker once and couldn’t get it to do what I thought it was meant to do, so I pulled it out of the loop and ran the power off the pressure switch direct – that sound right to you?

 Once installed, it’s glaringly obvious what the CSV does and WHY!

 Hope all is well.

John V

Richfield WI