Author Topic: Home well adding irrigation - my head is spinning  (Read 3331 times)


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Home well adding irrigation - my head is spinning
« on: December 23, 2016, 05:04:04 PM »
Hi - I added a separate 1" pvc line to well manifold to be used for irrigation - garden and lawn. I plan to have zones sprinklers, drip, etc.
Reading on this forum appears I should have a CSV to protect the pump. 
My well is approx 11 yrs - it replaced an old collapsed jet-pump well after Katrina. I recently adjusted the pressure switch to 50 psi from 35 psi. The the well comes on at 30 and stops at 50 psi.
The well casing is 4" with a submersible pump - I think about 120ft -We haven't had any problems with water supply except the pressure was low and I recently adjusted.  A pressure guage on the faucet  reads 50 psi and a 5 gal bucket fills in 23 seconds.

The tank is an 85 gal Pro Source epoxy lined, Model AW85-01 - I assume it has a bladder - I can't find a schraeder valve anywhere. The tank is about 10 feet from the wellhead - A 1" pvc pipe  runs from the well head to the tank in a well house.  on the tank entry side there is a pressure gauge about 1/2 way up and a pressure switch about 4 " down from the top.  On the output side, on the bottom, a 1" pvc connects to a manifold.  We also have a water treatment system in the well house that pumps diluted bleach into the water stream when the pump is on. It is powered from one leg of the pressure switch.

Since I will be using this line for irrigation should there be a check valve or ant-back flow valve on this line and what would you recommend? it is 1" PVC sched 40.
Also, what CSV valve would you recommend - and would it be correct to install the CSV above ground between the pump and the tank?
Finally, the water treatment system pump runs whenever the pressure switch is engaged. I would prefer for it to run only when water is supplied to the house. There is another 1" line going to the house from the manifold.  Is there a gadget available that would accomplish that?
Thanks for any advice - 

Cary Austin

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Re: Home well adding irrigation - my head is spinning
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2016, 03:19:53 PM »
Sounds like a non bladder tank.  Injecting for house use only would require an additional tank, switch, and check valve.  Out of office now.  Call next week to discuss.