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Applications / Re: Protect pump drawing water for irrigation
« on: June 06, 2023, 12:49:03 PM »
The Cycle Sensor will show the fault on the display.  You can add a relay to the output of the Cycle Sensor if you want.  When the Cycle Sensor shuts off power to the pump it will also shut off power to the additional relay, which can be used to trigger an alarm or send a signal in many different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions / Re: Shallow well losing prime
« on: May 25, 2023, 06:55:20 AM »
I would not turn up the pressure. That pump will probably not be able to build that much pressure.  Pumps do not normally loose prime when running unless there is a leak in the suction pipe.  But 30 PSI is usually the number when there is something obstructing the jet nozzle in the pump. 

If the pump is cycling while running the irrigation because the sprinklers are attached before the CSV, then it could be losing prime when it is shut down.

Yes, adding a frost free hydrant is really that easy.  What is hard is managing the flow rate with a frost free hydrant.  Unlike a little hose bib a frost free will open enough to drop the pressure to almost nothing.  Then if you do not open the frost free enough, the pump will cycle on and off which is what destroys pumps.  Adding a Cycle Stop Valve will let you use the hydrant or any water anyway you want.  It won't help with pressure if you open the hydrant too much, but will stop the cycling when less water is needed or being used.

Valve Tech / Re: Pipe Diameter Change
« on: May 09, 2023, 04:33:00 PM »
The CSV1A is dual threads so you can do just that.  Use either thread on either end.  Enjoy!

Applications / Re: Protect pump drawing water for irrigation
« on: May 09, 2023, 04:31:48 PM »
The Cycle Sensor reads low amps when the pump is out of water and shuts of the pump to protect it.  You can see it here.

Applications / Re: Which CSV will work best in my system
« on: April 07, 2023, 03:52:41 PM »
That would do it.  Glad you figured it out and got it working.  Also glad you are happy with the pressure from the CSV.

Pumps, Wells, Tanks, Controls / Re: Flooded Suction Jet Pump Setup
« on: April 01, 2023, 08:41:47 AM »
I meant TS for tractor Supply.

Pumps, Wells, Tanks, Controls / Re: Flooded Suction Jet Pump Setup
« on: March 31, 2023, 09:13:00 AM »
I use the J5SH and the J15S when I want high pressure like 50/70.  Most jet pumps will work at 30/50 like the J5S and many will work with a 40/60 switch.  Not much difference in brands of jet pumps these days.  The 1HP at TC seems to be a good pump and there are others like it.

Lol!  Part of the problem is that pump has a max pressure of about 60 PSI, which is why the pressure switch can't be higher than 30/50.  Nothing to be alarmed about.  Just adjust the CSV and pressure switch off pressures closer together so it takes less than 3 minute to fill the tank to 50 PSI.

With such a large tank I think it is just taking a long time to fill from the minimum flow of the CSV.  But the pressure should be increasing from 40 when all the taps are closed.  If so, just set the CSV to about 47 PSI while running a shower, then it will only have to fill the tank from 47 to 50 and should take but a minute or two.

If the max pump pressure is 60 PSI, you do not want to use a 40/60 switch.  Reduce the pressure switch to 30/50 and the pump will shut off when no water is being used.

You had it right the first time. The CSV should never let the pump shut off as long as water is being used. The pump should shut off a minute or two after you shut off all taps.

Either the pressure switch or the sensing tube to the pressure switch needs to be moved to the CSV or tank.  With an additional switch as comes in the PK1A you can wire around the switch on the motor as shown in the wiring diagram for jet pumps.

No.  You want the CSV set for 40 PSI and use a 30/50 pressure switch.

Yes the PK1A with the 4.5 gallon tank is all you need.  30/50 is probably max with that pump.  But if you even upgrade the pump the same PK1A kit will work up to 50/70 pressure without any changes except the settings.

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